Brad Pitt Doesn’t Love Angelina Jolie?

Ron Bard, psychic to the stars – most notably Brad Pitt – has come out claiming that Pitt doesn’t love his wife Angelina Jolie and that Brad is only staying in the relationship “for the children.” This claim, which is ridiculous according to The Mirror, comes with more revelations about the famous couple’s relationship (or lack thereof).

According to Bard, Brad Pitt is still in love with Jennifer Aniston, but stays with Angelina because of their six children and feels “boxed in” by her because of it. The Daily Express reports that Brad Pitt sentiment:

“At the end of the day, whether [Pitt is] in love or he’s not in love is not the question. The question is he’s a man who made a commitment to six children and he’s keeping his commitment to those six children,” the psychic explained.

Brad Pitt was first introduced to Ron Bard by Jennifer Aniston in 2004 and a year later, the psychic claims, he told Pitt that he’d meet someone who would change his life forever. That was when Brad met Angelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the actor divorced Aniston.

angelina-jolie-and-brad-pitt-brad-pitt-1054990443The psychic’s claims come after several things that seem to contradict him. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their wedding engagement in 2012. Though they haven’t publicly tied the knot, many believe it may have already happened in secret.


Further, it became publicly known recently that Brad Pitt sends Jolie love letters on a regular basis. This came upon an admission by Angelina that she and Brad exchange love notes when they’re apart due to work and life commitments. This was reported in the Inquisitr when Jolie opened up about the romantic exchanges.

Bard wasn’t done with his predictions for Brad Pitt, however. The revelation of their loveless relationship wasn’t his only claim. The psychic also said that he predicts that if Brad and Angie haven’t already tied the knot in secret, they’ll do so soon and that then the Pitt family will grow by three more children in the near future. For those counting, that would make Brad Pitt a father of nine.

The claims by this Hollywood psychic could very well be true – either as insider knowledge or general guesses based on his knowledge of Brad Pitt. It’s possible that there is a rift behind the Brangelina facade. Certainly, Pitt does make it clear he’s devoted to their many children. Still, the claims by Bard about Brad and Angie are a bit far-fetched given the numerous appearances the couple makes together and the constant barrage of paparazzi they endure, capturing every moment of their lives.