NFL Announces Heightened “Pat Downs” After Illegal Stun Gun Incident

NFL officials announced on Friday that they have “enhanced” the pat-down procedure that is used when fans enter their stadiums on game days.

The move is meant to help identify individuals who may bring illegal substances and weapons into stadiums and stems from an incident last week at the Dallas Cowboys-New York Jets game in which a fan brought in and used an illegal stun gun on another fan.

Under the new plan the league is asking that teams at all 32 stadiums search fans from the ankles to the knees, previously fans were only patted down from the waist up.

When asked about the procedure NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that “enhanced security procedures” were not put into place because of any one incident, rather because the NFL is “always refining and improving” security.

After witnessing the new pat-down procedure at last weeks opening season games NFL officials are urging fans to arrive earlier than usual since the new pat-downs take more time to complete.

What do you think about the new NFL procedures? Are they a waste of time or a necessary precaution stemming from the stun gun incident?