‘Bachelor’ Star Nikki Ferrell Reveals Her Brother’s Dangerous Allergy

Bachelor star Nikki Ferrell may have shared much of herself with Juan Pablo Galavis while they were filming the show together, but the two went into hiding after wrapping up the finale. On After The Final Rose special, the couple didn’t reveal any plans of moving in together or even moving closer to one another.

From social media platforms, it sounds like Nikki is continuing with her work in Kansas as a nurse. Juan Pablo is staying in Florida with his daughter, Camila. The two are having fun together without rushing the relationship. And as they are spending more time together, Ferrell is sharing more information about herself and her family online.

According to a new tweet, Bachelor star Nikki Ferrell is now starting to reveal more about her life and she recently shared that her brother has a dangerous allergy. “When your brother is deathly allergic to avocados you must post a written warning for him #epipen,” she revealed on the social media network. Nikki Ferrell also shared a picture of a note she left for her brother.

When your brother is deathly allergic to avocados you must post a written warning for him. #epipen pic.twitter.com/PwFr6XDqBp

— Nikki Ferrell (@Nikki_Ferrell) August 20, 2014

Having an allergy to avocado sounds like something that could quickly turn into a bad situation. An avocado allergy is not something that is well known, like a peanut allergy or a dust allergy. But it sounds like Ferrell is the kind of person he would want around if something happens. She is a nurse and may know what to do in such a situation. She is already wiping down the counters to prevent anything from happening, proving just how great of a sister she is.

Nikki Ferrell hasn’t talked about living with her brother, so it is possible that he is just crashing with her for a couple of days. But it is definitely possible that they are splitting the rent on a place, if Nikki is traveling back and forth to see Juan Pablo. Someone has to water the plants back in Kansas.

But these Nikki and Juan Pablo are spending time together. Nikki Ferrell often shows up in Juan Pablo’s social media pictures. They recently celebrated his birthday together and shared the pictures all over Twitter to squash any rumors of them splitting up. According to The Inquisitr, they are not planning a big wedding at the moment, but Juan Pablo has told Nikki that he loves her.

The public has been watching this couple from afar, as many predicted that Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo would break up. But they have already beaten the length of Emily Maynard and Jef Holm’s relationship, and they are getting close to lasting longer than Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson. Perhaps they are finding more success by staying out of the spotlight.

What do you think of Nikki Ferrell these days after the show?

[Image via Brunch News]