If Tara Reid Leaves Rehab, does anyone care?

It was reported by People that Tara Reid, famous for mostly just being a skank, has left rehab. The same Rehab that she got all the positive publicity for entering, the same Rehab where there was a suggestion it was free, but oh sorry its not.

The Tara Reid rehab story has been a massive publicity boost for her (yes I appreciate the irony, as I type these words complaining about it).

“She checked out on Saturday,” says the People source. “She’s doing well. The whole family is very positive about this being the new beginning for her.” Her family and friends are optimistic about her future. “They are taking steps to do everything they can to help Tara keep on the right track,” adds the source.

She had been in rehab for a sum total of three weeks.

Her publicist has now come out and denied that she has left rehab. She needs to stay in there until she gets at least 4 more positive articles in the press written about her, there is a tell all weepy magazine article, and then a follow up with a sobriety chip claiming she wants to be a role model for all the other alcoholic, anorexic, crazies out there. /end rant.