‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Josh Altman Wants To Act Like Kim Kardashian

Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman is back for a brand new season of the show, which premiered yesterday on Bravo. Even though Altman does share some big deals on the show, he hasn’t shared his work with two famous stars. In the past, he has worked with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Altman has revealed that he did not help them find their mega mansion, since the Kardashians already have an agent in Calabasas, who helps the family with all other house purchases. “I’ve met them both numerous times, and she’s incredible,” Josh has revealed about the stars. “I’ve sold three of her houses so far. Talk about a hard-working individual and being on your game, she is non-stop,” he adds.

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman has nothing but respect for Kim Kardashian, because she is constantly working. As revealed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim only takes a day off a year to celebrate Christmas. She even does appearances on her birthday. But now that she is a mother, Kim may be taking more time off.

However, Josh has revealed that he would live just like Kim Kardashian if he had that kind of money. Altman would live near his family, just like the Kardashians do. “I was talking to my brother the other day and we were laughing about how they all buy houses across the street from each other. But we looked at each other and said, you know what, if we had the money they have, we’d also buy houses across the street from each other,” Josh Altman revealed.

Of course, fans of Million Dollar Listing have already met Josh’s brother, as they work together in their company, The Altman Brothers. Josh Altman added, “It’s fun, when you get to a certain point of success in your life, I come from a very tight family and I’d love to live across the street from my brother. I don’t know if my fiance would like that though.”

And Altman may already be halfway there when it comes to money. According to TMZ, Josh has just sold his home on the Sunset Strip for $3.58 million. It may not be the prettiest home, but he bought it last year for $2.3 million, threw $17,000 into it in terms of renovations and then sold it again. In other words, Josh Altman made just over $1 million in less than a year aside from all of his real-estate deals.

But this season may be a sad one for Million Dollar Listing fans. According to The Inquisitr, Josh Flagg’s grandmother, Edith Flagg, passed away just last week. This season will be her last on the show and it is definitely possible that Bravo will dedicate an episode of the entire season to her.

Are you surprised that Josh Altman is continuing his success in Los Angeles?

[Image via Bravo]