The Big Bang Theory: Spoilers Galore! Leonard-Penny, Sheldon-Amy And More

With The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premiere now almost exactly one month away, and the cast and crew hard at work taping the first episodes of the new season, fans are hoping that the crucial questions left hanging at the end of Season 7 will be quickly answered.

But you may not have to wait another month, because we've got some hot spoilers for you right here. Let's start with perhaps the most pressing question left over from last season — are Leonard and Penny getting married — or what?

Well know that Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco Sweeting) got engaged last season an moved in together. Statements during the hiatus between seasons by Cuoco Sweeting sure made it sound like nuptials between the two fan favorite characters would make a major highlight of Season 8 — but not so fast.

"A wedding is sometime off in the future," said Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro in an interview this week. "They're not in a rush. Penny's first goal is to put the date far enough in the future so everyone knows for a fact that she's not pregnant."

While Big Bang Theory fans are likely to feel let down if there's no big wedding in Season 8, one of the most disappointed could be Cuoco Sweeting herself.

"I'm hoping next season will involve a lot of wedding stuff, I think that would be really fun," she said in a recent interview. "If I had to guess, Leonard is probably more of the planner than Penny, which would be very funny. Everyone's growing up a little bit."

But the mere lack of a little thing like a wedding doesn't mean that Penny will have an uneventful Season 8. The Big Bang Theory writers have something else rather important in store for her. Penny will abandon her dreams of becoming an actress — a life goal she has been hard at work chasing for seven seasons now.

So what does Penny do, if not pursue the elusive Hollywood dream? What else — make some real cash — albeit in a much less glamorous profession.

"Penny has an interesting arc this year where she puts acting down," said Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre. "She gets a shot to be a pharmaceutical rep at Bernadette's company."

A pharmaceutical rep? Wow. Sounds fascinating.

"She's going to start making some money," Lorre added, saying that Penny's newfound sustainable income will "unbalance" her relationship with Leonard. So, yeah, wedded bliss may be far off — really far off.

Oh one more thing — Sheldon and Amy break up — not! No, the mere fact that Sheldon packed his bags and boarded a train to nowhere does not seem to have affected their relationship at all, according to Molaro, who says the pair "have their own weird brand of happiness right now."

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premieres on September 22, but when spoilers pop up, The Inquisitr will bring them to you while they're still fresh.