Norman Reedus Shows Off Hot New Walking Dead Guitar Design In Cool Selfie

Norman Reedus tweeted a photo Wednesday of his gorgeous new Walking Dead guitar. Also, check out this awesome mirror selfie, that not only displays the gorgeous guitar, but catches Reedus in what looks like very Daryl Dixon-esque dress. Did he get so excited over his new guitar he tweeted from the set, or are we to believe that Reedus goes around looking like a zombie killing tough guy in day-to-day life, too?

The guitar Norman Reedus is showing off is from guitar giant Peavey’s collaboration with AMC and Artist Series Guitar. According to the AMC blog, the nine guitars in the new collection were first shown at this year’s San Diego ComicCon, with one given away to a lucky guest.

Here’s the commercial for Peavey’s first set of Walking Dead guitars, which are divided into two collections: the Predator Seriesand the Rockmaster Series, but be warned. If screamers (videos where something jumps at you) tend to scare you, back away from your computer screen before you press play.

The new line, according to ComicBook, feature images straight from the show.

If you want to jam out in Norman Reedus style but don’t have a few hundred bucks to drop, there’s also a line of guitar straps and picks that feature the Walking Dead cast and scenes from the show.

Fans can jam like Norman Reedus with Walking Dead guitar picks

Judging from his social media activity, Reedus seems to really love the show’s merchandise. He’s tweeted and instagrammed photos of several other items, including a Daryl Dixon doll meeting up with Batman, and a pair of I (heart) Daryl Dixon socks just in the past week.

There’s also this photo Norman tweeted yesterday, which has nothing to do with guitars or Walking Dead merchandise, but which you definitely needed to see:

Norman Reedus new guita

With the show returning to AMC in October, Reedus has been getting even more attention than usual, especially since creator Robert Kirkman has commented on the big question of whether Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon, is gay. Kirkman didn’t give an explicit answer, but strongly hinted that it’s a possibility.

There has also been speculation that Daryl Dixon might be slated to die in the upcoming fifth season, but character and actor alike are huge fan favorites, so there’s good reason to hope that the producers will decide to keep him around.

It all just leaves us wondering, though: why didn’t Norman Reedus choose a Walking Dead guitar with his own face on it?

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon zombie killing guitar cover

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