Haley Joel Osment Comedy: ‘Sex Ed’ To Hit Theaters, Video On Demand In November

Haley Joel Osment’s comedy Sex Ed is moving ahead and now has a release date for this fall. Though known primarily for his role in The Sixth Sense, Osment is back with new projects and this romantic comedy is one that many are anxious to check out.

Variety notes that Haley Joel Osment’s comedySex Ed will be released on Nov. 7 in select markets, and it will also be available via video on demand beginning the same day. The premise of the film is that Osment plays Eddie, a guy who starts off his teaching career at a middle school in the inner city. He learns that his students aren’t receiving any sexual education, and because he’s a virgin, he’s ill-equipped to teach them.

Eddie goes on to fall in love with a student’s older sister, and his teachings rile up a local pastor. Bill Kennedy of House of Cards wrote the film, and the cast is filled with familiar faces. Retta of Parks and Recreation, Lamorne Morris of New Girl, Abby Elliot of Saturday Night Live and Matt Walsh of Veep all have roles in the film.

The movie will be following a unique strategy compared to many films. It will be released via video on demand at the same time it is released to select theaters. The MarVista Entertainment executive VP of Distribution, Vanessa Shapiro, says, “This strategy will ensure that the movie can reach the widest possible audience and we anticipate strong word of mouth to drive a successful launch.”

As Deadline notes, Haley Joel Osment’s comedy film return comes as he returns to acting after a break to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. It doesn’t seem that the break Osment took has impacted his acting career, as he’s seemingly got a packed schedule. He has been in Amazon’s Alpha House playing the role of Shelby, and he has a role in Kevin Smith’s horror-comedy Tusk coming in September. Based on Osment’s IMDb page, he’s got a handful of other projects in the works right now as well.

How big a hit will Sex Ed be? Will the distributor’s plan to release it via video on demand at the same time as putting it in theaters work? It’s an option that more groups are contemplating or trying, with Veronica Mars being one recent example. Granted, many would point out that the Kristen Bell cult classic is a very different type of project than Haley Joel Osment’s comedy coming in November. That said, fans of The Sixth Sense and Alpha House actor are anxious to see him in his newest project, and they don’t have much longer to wait.

[Image via Hollywood]