Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors: Bruce Is Becoming Brigitte, Reports Claim

Bruce Jenner may look effeminate in many people’s eyes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is gay, or wants to be woman.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star, according to the National Enquirer and others, is planning to have a full sex change, in the near future.

Now, we wouldn’t usually give so much credence necessarily to the NE but in this case we think they might be on to something.

First off, like we said, Bruce Jenner is effeminate in that he has female qualities, physically speaking. Recently, Bruce has been spotted looking a little depressed, sporting a cap at all times and with his hair long, not to mention the fact that he just seems to be looking more female as he ages.

Apparently a tipster told the Enquirer that Bruce is so close to getting a sex change that he has even chosen a new name for himself: “Bruce is leaning heavily towards changing his name to Brigitte once his transformation is complete. He can’t go through such extreme measures and then still be called Bruce after all is said and done,” the tipster said.

There are other little clues that make up part of a bigger picture when it comes to Bruce Jenner being in touch his feminine side. Take for example the fact that he had his hair dyed while visiting Khloe Kardashian and a hair stylist, and let the cameras film the whole thing.

And what about the report in Hollywood Life recently which alleged that Bruce visited a doctor to have a chondrolaryngoplasty, a procedure which reduces the prominence of the trachea. This is a usual procedure that men have before undergoing a sex change.

Whatever Bruce Jenner decides to do, there is no doubt the media will be right there every step of the way as it isn’t every day a celebrity as famous as Bruce Jenner gets a full sex change.

Thankfully, his daughter’s have already said they will support their dad no matter what he decides to do with his sexuality.