Jennifer Lawrence: Is Chris Martin Too Mild And Serious For Party-Loving ‘Hunger Games’ Star?

Jennifer Lawrence shocked Hollywood this week when her alleged romance with Chris Martin began to circulate on popular gossip sites. Stories about the relationship began to make its rounds on rumors-ville when the Oscar-winning actress was spotted in a Coldplay after-concert party, flirting with the frontman.

Despite being single following a divorce from actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin and his reported romance with Lawrence still managed to attract negative buzz, mainly because of the age gap and the fact that the musician has two kids with his ex-wife. However, it appears that Chris’ kids don’t really mind the growing relationship between Jennifer Lawrence and the musician. Recently, the rumored couple was spotted with the children, spending a lovely vacation at East Hampton.

Another topic has brought fans to another angle regarding the alleged relationship between the two. Martin, who is perceived as a mild fellow and a nice dad to his kids, is currently being contrasted to the wild and outgoing Hollywood persona of Jennifer Lawrence, which according to some critics, screams “mismatch.” Observers including Hollywood Life seem to suggest that Jennifer might be a little bit too much for the musician.

However, it might be the striking contrast that brought Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin together. According to the Daily Mail, who quoted a source for the Sun, the musician have been on the look-out for something distinctly un-Gwyneth Paltrow, and he may have found it in Jennifer:

“Chris feels he is dating someone who has everything he’s been missing out on in the past 11 years. Jennifer is loads of fun and they can’t stop laughing when they are together.”

Whatever his reasons are, fans are hoping that Lawrence’s bond with the singer grows into something deeper. Fans of the actress were devastated after her split with X-Men star Nicholas Hoult and have long since wished to see another guy make it into Jennifer’s life.

In other news, Mockingjay Part 1, which is set to open on theaters in just a few months, has intrigued fans of the series after director Francis Lawrence revealed that the storyline would have full of unexpected twists. Although we have been assured that the film won’t deviate too much from the book, producers and stars, including Jennifer, promised a two-part finale that will blow the viewers’ minds.

What do you think? Is Jennifer Lawrence too much for the musician?

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