Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Anniversary Trip To Cuba Was Legal, Inspector General Decides

Beyoncé and Jay Z may be “on the run” when it comes to their current tour which has just a few weeks left, but thankfully, the couple is not on the run from the feds.

Why would Bey and Jay be on the run from the feds, I hear you ask?

No, it’s not tax evasion or anything of that nature. In fact it relates to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s fifth anniversary vacation, which they spent in Cuba and was actually legal, despite some Republicans in Congress suggesting it wasn’t.

CNN reported that legal issues regarding their trip last year to Cuba is the last thing the couple need right now as they battle a seemingly never ending slew of divorce rumors, which are suggesting that a divorce is imminent.

The Treasury Department’s Office of the Inspector General is the one which concluded that Beyoncé and Jay Z are off the hook for federal charges, or any charges relating to their Cuba visit as they had obtained the appropriate special licence for the trip.

Due to U.S. sanctions against Cuba, American citizens are forbidden from visiting the island or spending money there as tourists.

Thankfully for Bey and Jay they had a license under the “people-to-people” educational exchange program, and, according to the Inspector General’s report, they did not abuse it in any way.

The whole fiasco started back in April 2013 when the couple visited Cuba and were mobbed by fans during their four-day visit. At the time, two Miami-area Cuban-American lawmakers demanded an investigation as most Americans aren’t allowed to visit Cuba.

According to USA Today the report noted that Beyoncé and Jay Z enjoyed dinners in private homes, a walking tour of Havana neighborhoods, a tour of Cuba’s top art school, a visit to a children’s theater group and stops at several dance clubs “where the couple heard live music and occasionally took to the dance floor,” the report said.

The Inspector General therefore concluded that the couple did nothing wrong when visiting Cuba and no charges will be pursue against them.

Beyoncé and Jay Z will no doubt be very happy about this as they reportedly have more than enough issues to deal with at the moment.