WWE News: Triple H Reportedly Furious At Kurt Angle Over Acts Of Disrespect?

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was a staple of WWE programming for many years during the 2000’s as he won multiple championships during a legendary career with Vince McMahon’s company. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Angle wants back in the WWE. However, McMahon and Triple H have other ideas about the Olympic Gold Medalist.

A new report surfaced hours ago that talk about HHH’s frustration with Angle and his lack of enthusiasm for an emphatic WWE return. The process as to what Angle did is the current problem Hunter is facing. Remember, HHH is the COO, not just a wrestler.

Kurt Angle has reportedly upset Triple H with the way in which he handled inquiries about returning to WWE according to Mark Madden and numerous other sources.

Angle is reported to have first called Triple H but was pretty much blown off. Angle then called Vince McMahon who told him that Triple H makes the talent decisions now.

Triple H was upset in the way Angle went over his head.

Even though it seems that HHH’s ego is shining through in a big way, he has a good point. Things have changed since Angle left in 2006. He granted an early release due to health reason, but also the WWE wouldn’t let Angle take time off to heal up. Obviously, that angered Angle and caused him to want to leave the company.

With TNA about to go downhill, Angle will be out of a job when his current contract expires. If WWE doesn’t want him, then where will he go? That is a pertinent question to the clear-cut WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. He was a part of memorable feuds and 5-star matches that will go down in history. On top of being excellent in the ring, he could talk as well.

When Angle was with Mark Madden on “105.9 the X,” he did comment, for the first time in months, on his desire to go back to the WWE.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Kurt Angle has been pitching a deal to WWE officials which would see him return to the company and work a schedule similar to that of Shawn Michaels in his final years with the company.

The return deal would see Angle work limited dates and bigger events.

The schedule that Angle would take on helps his body recover quicker from big matches. Even though he is older, the ability to wrestle a great 30-minute match still exists. In my opinion, WWE is not thinking straight when they say Angle isn’t a priority to sign.

If he does return, his comeback will warrant one of the biggest pops in the last 10 years. He is beloved by the fans and WWE needs to begin to realize that before it is too late.

[Image via the Baltimore Sun]