Mellencamp, Ryan Split? Reports Indicate John, Meg Call It Quits

Have John Mellancamp and Meg Ryan split? Reports indicate that Mellencamp and Ryan actually split a couple of weeks ago, after dating for more than three years. Why did they reportedly break up? It seems that friends indicate that the attention paid to the relationship in the media and by fans may have played a part.

Closer shares the news on the Mellencamp and Ryan split. According to a supposed insider, "I don't think he loved all the attention he got just from dating an actress." Though John and Meg were never particularly high-profile in terms of gossip, tabloids and headlines, the fact they were together did tend to generate more buzz than they each garnered when they were with others. Though they didn't exactly get stalked like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, most would agree that being together did draw more cameras when they were out and about than before Mellencamp and Ryan started dating.

The site also seems to insinuate that John has already moved on to begin dating someone else, and there has been some buzz about him being seen with a brunette recently. Naturally Closer isn't going into specific details on the site regarding any new romantic interests for Mellencamp, or Ryan, but they tease that their new issue has more scoop. According to Fox News, Mellencamp's rep has declined to comment on the rumors of a split with Ryan, or anything else related to his personal life. Ryan's rep was apparently unavailable for comment.

John Mellencamp, 62, started dating Meg Ryan, 52, in January 2011. Their relationship became public just a week after John's divorce from Elaine Irwin went through. John and Elaine had been married for 19 years, and the couple had five kids together: Hud, Teddi Jo, Speck, Justice and Michelle. Fans may remember that sons Hud and Speck ran into some trouble not too long ago. Meg was married to Dennis Quaid for 10 years, and she dated Russell Crowe for a bit as her marriage to Quaid fell apart. Meg has a son, Jack, with Quaid, and a daughter, Daisy True, whom she adopted later.

While having their relationship somewhat in the public eye may have been to blame, in great part, the Daily Mail notes that distance may have been an issue as well. Mellencamp lives in Indiana while Ryan lives in New York. Despite the distance, sources reportedly claim that John was considering a proposal, but it seems ultimately the two felt they needed to go their separate ways. Are you surprised to hear that Mellencamp and Ryan have split?

[Image via Zimbio]