Miranda Kerr Says Nanny Must Be With Her Son While Visiting Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr has opened up about her allowing her son, 3-year-old Flynn, to spend time with his father, Orlando Bloom.

According to Vogue, Kerr has admitted to hiring a nanny that is to be with Flynn at all times when he is visiting his father. Kerr has said that her number one priority is her son, and she has a nanny not only for when he is spending quality time with Orlando Bloom, but also when she is busy with work:

"I have a nanny who comes when I work, but when I get home she leaves and I switch my phone off," she told The Sunday Times Style. "The nanny is with him all the time when he is with Orlando; don't get me wrong, he's a great dad, it's just me being a protective mother and wanting to make sure all his needs are met. I want to keep Flynn's routine. Orlando's fine with it. In fact, he likes it, it's less pressure."
Some tabloids have begun spinning this story to read that Miranda Kerr hired on the nanny because of the recent rumors surrounding her dating life and the alleged fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber which was said to have been sparked over a comment made about Bloom's ex-wife.

According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, the fight between Orland Bloom and Justin Bieber allegedly took place because of comments made by each individual regarding past relationships while the two were in Ibiza Spain. While the main focus seems to be remarks made by Justin Bieber regarding his feelings for Miranda Kerr, The Inquisitr stated that they whole ordeal may have developed over remarks made by Orlando Bloom and an alleged physical relationship with Justin's on-again, off-again ex, Selena Gomez.

Bloom allegedly claimed that he and Selena had a physical relationship, one that the singer denies, and when Bieber got word, he reportedly claimed that he had some relationship with Kerr as well! Hollywood Life reportedly was told by a source close to the incident that "Justin acted like a brat" just before the fight occurred:

"[He] purposely bumped into Orlando on his way in and made it look like he didn't. Then some sort of swing from Orlando happened and the incident you see on the tape is at the end. The swing was a punch motion but in mid-throw Orlando realized what he was doing and pulled back, making it look awkward and something that didn't connect."
Who was to blame for this little incident? Looks like both boys were acting out of line. Do you think this incident was the reason behind Miranda Kerr hiring a nanny to watch over Flynn while he is with his father, or do you believe the nanny has been around for some time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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