Keanu Reeves TV Show 'Rain' Greenlighted: Actor To Portray Half-Japanese, Half-American Assassin

The Keanu Reeves TV show Rain was recently greenlighted. The show will allow the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure star to showcase his many talents. The actor will star in the hour-long series, which he will also executive produce.

The handsome 49-year-old actor has appeared in minor roles on the small screen in the past, but the Keanu Reeves TV show Rain will mark the first time that the Beirut-born actor and producer has taken on a leading role in a television series.

Rain is also the first project from Los Angeles-based Slingshot Global Media, reported Deadline.

Keanu Reeves's TV show will be based on the best-selling John Rain book series by Barry Eisler. The author of forty books, Eisler recently changed the titles of his John Rain novels, according to his author profile on Amazon. Eisler eloquently explained his decision to rename the books.

"Why have I changed the titles of the Rain books? Simply because I've never thought the titles were right for the stories....

The sad story of the original Rain titles began with the moniker Rain Fall for the first in the series. It was a silly play on the protagonist's name, and led to an unfortunate and unimaginative sequence of similar such meaningless, interchangeable titles: Hard Rain, Rain Storm, Killing Rain...

Now that I have my rights back and no longer have to make ridiculous compromises about these matters, I've given the books the titles I always wanted them to have--titles that actually have something to do with the stories, that capture some essential aspect of the stories, and that act as both vessel and amplifier for what's most meaningful in the stories."

Barry Eisler himself has a fascinating background. The author upon whose novels the Keanu Reeves TV show is based was once a CIA agent, a technology lawyer and an executive. He has a black belt in judo and has earned numerous awards for his writing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr,Keanu Reeves will not be involved in the Point Break remake. Reeves starred as FBI Special Agent John "Johnny" Utah, alongside Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, in the original 1991 flick.

The upcoming Keanu Reeves TV show project is so new that the Internet Movie Database doesn't even have any information about it yet. However, fans looking for some insight on possible plot twists and characters would be well advised to check out Barry Eisler's novels.

The Huffington Post reported that the beloved Matrix actor will portray a half-Japanese, half-American assassin in the Keanu Reeves TV show Rain.

[Image by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc via IMDb]