Gov. Rick Perry Mug Shot Turned Into Memes

Gov. Rick Perry was indicted last friday and turned himself in Austin on Tuesday. As expected his mug shot was immediately released and went viral. Some people decided to take on the mug shot by creating memes out of Gov. Rick Perry booking photos.

One user got very creative and put Perry in a “summer theme” that feature Kanye West-like hipster shades, a sun, and the word “happy” above Perry’s head. Another meme had an inception-esque quality to it, by photoshopping Gov. Rick Perry’s face on a man wearing a white t-shirt. On the shirt was of course, Gov. Perry’s mug shot.

Another meme made references to Tyler Perry’s popular film Madea Goes To Jail.

This all started when Texas Gov. Rick Perry turned himself in on felony charges for abuse of power.

He was booked for coercion and abuse of power for threatening to veto funding to the Public Integrity Office after District Attorney Rosie Lehmberg was arrested for a DUI for drunk driving back in April.

Despite everything Perry has defended his decision to the press, “I whole-heartedly and unequivocally stand behind my veto. I believe in the rule of law. We will prevail.”

As some of you may know Perry is a Republican who is currently considering running for President for 2016. While some say Perry’s booking is just another campaign stop, this is considered a serious matter, and a historical one at that.

His campaign ad “Setting the Record Straight” featured footage from Lehmberg’s drunken arrest, and that did not sit well with some people. A complaint was filed by Texans for Public Justice, which was then in turn called “a group of liberal activists” by Perry supporters.

On the contrary, we reported that not all liberals were supporting Perry’s indictment. Famous liberal Mia Farrow tweeted about the whole situation.

“I’m no Rick Perry fan but the indictment doesn’t identify a law he violated. Looks like politics not felony.”

Whether you agree or disagree with Perry’s indictment, we can all agree that everyone loves a good meme.

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