Pizza Hut And ICFLIX Deliver ‘Dinner And A Movie’ To The Middle East

Pizza Hut pizza has been one of the most recognizable pizza’s for over 50 years. Pizza Hut is not normally associated with the Middle East, with some exceptions such as military bases of operations during conflicts.

The Middle East itself has been the site of violence, suffering, and war for more than a decade. Until now, terrorism or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be the topic of the region. That has all changed thanks to Pizza Hut and a company known as ICFLIX.

As released by Sys-con Media on Tuesday:

ICFLIX [pronounced I-see-flix] has partnered with Pizza Hut to bring a little extra with your home delivery this fall: a day of free entertainment. Starting August 15th, Pizza Hut deliveries in select countries across the Middle East will come with a 24-hour access code to the ICFLIX service – allowing pizza eaters to enjoy their meal alongside their favourite movies and TV shows.

ICFLIX is a Netflix and Hulu Plus equivalent based out of Dubai, India. It also has offices in the US, Egypt, Canada, and Europe. They offer a fairly large library, a free app, and is available across 400 devices through a subscription. ICFLIX uniquely offers “Bollywood” films, also known as “Hindi Films,” which is India’s Hollywood equivalent.

The unique offer is the “Jazwood” films selections, which is an Arabic language version of Hollywood or Bollywood. The “Jaz” is taken from the new station Al Jazeera.

Pizza Marketplace elaborated on the promotion.

Customers will be given a 24-hour access code to the Dubai-based ICFLIX streaming platform with their Pizza Hut delivery, and receive access to Jazwood (Arabic), Hollywood and Bollywood movies and television. The free app can be downloaded to Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Subtitles and alternate access are available for French, English and Arabic languages.

According to Sys-con Media, ICFLIX is the area’s “first streaming platform” combined with Pizza Hut being the “area’s favorite pizza.” Pizza Marketplace released the names of the seven lucky countries.

The Pizza Hut movie promotion can be seen in the following Middle Eastern countries:

  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Oman

With all the chaos in the region with ISIS, other terror groups, and the seemingly eternal conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, it is certainly nice to see some semblance of normalcy in the region. To the chagrin of the state of New York, apparently Middle easterners prefer Pizza Hut pizza.

[ Image via Wikimedia Commons ]