Sorority Racist Snapchat: UA Student’s Racist Selfie Post About Black Members Draws Fire [Video]

Racist Sorority Snapchat

A sorority racist Snapshot post from a student at the University of Alabama resulted in her being kicked out of the sorority chapter, and has caused the group to come under fire. On Monday the UA chapter of the Chi Omega found itself in the headlines after a racist slur was posted by a white female student bragging about there not being any black members in her sorority this year.

The Chi Omega sorority sister writes with her photo, “Chi O got NO n——!!!!”

In a NY Daily News report on the offensive slur used in the Snapchat post. Three white women are pictured in the selfie with their faces heavily blanked out. One of the three women wrote the message, happy that no black women were pledged on Bid Day.

On Saturday two black women were pledged, so the sorority racist post made it all the more upsetting.

Photoshopped image from Snapchat. Message is the original, however.

The racist Snapchat is being investigated by the University of Alabama’s Office of Student Conduct.

Chi Omega national sorority leaders have reportedly told the student at the center of the controversy to leave the chapter.

UA President Judy Bonner says in a statement:

“We are all extremely disappointed when any student uses language that is disrespectful or offensive to any segment of the UA community. We are especially sad this incident occurred on a day that was an exciting and happy one for the young women who participated in fall recruitment.”

A Facebook statement from Whitney Plumpton, public relations director for Chi O national is posted on the Chi Omega Fraternity page addressing the Snapchat incident:

Chi Omega is aware of the image that has been circulating via social media and we have been in communication with The University of Alabama administration. What was expressed is absolutely reprehensible and completely inconsistent with Chi Omega’s values and policies. Chi Omega took swift disciplinary action in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures. The woman who took the photo is no longer a member of the chapter.

Chi Omega embraces women from all walks of life, who come together to form a network of friends with high standards and similar values. The Chi Omega chapter at the University of Alabama pledged a diverse group of young women, which included several new members who self-identified as minorities, including two African-American women.

With the violent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting of Michael Brown, news about a racist sorority Snapchat is exasperating the issues of racial tension in the nation.

[Image via University of Alabama]