Sam Smith Wants To Collaborate With Chris Brown

Sam Smith is sweeping the nation with his featured vocals on hit song “Latch” and his solo album In the Lonely Hour. The critical reception has matched with enthusiasm from fans. It was a pretty impressive feat for a virtually unknown British artist to be accepted by The States with open arms. Not to mention Smith’s album was a tour-de-force as he didn’t feature any collaborations on his first outing as an artist.

So that’s why we’re a bit surprised to find out that Sam Smith does have one particular person on his collaborative wish list. One of them is the very polarizing and often troubled R&B singer Chris Brown. Brown got Smith’s attention when he posted a parody of “Stay With Me” to his Instagram page. According to Sam, he really dug the tribute.

During an interview with radio show In:Demand at V Festival the singer said:

“It was amazing, I love it. It’s really weird because I’m a massive fan of his music. I love Chris Brown’s music so much, yeah. I’d love to meet him so possibly, who knows? It would be cool to collaborate.”

So far reaction to this wishful collaboration has been polarizing:

Chris Brown and Sam Smith are doing a collab #lifemade

— Cassandra Marie (@cass_wompala) August 19, 2014

Smith has sold 166k copies in the United States in his first week which broke a record for the music maker. He is the first British act to break that number for his debut album.

Of his music getting enormous exposure to The States, Sam said:

“I can’t put America into words. It’s something that I thought would come later on. Even when I talk about it now I just can’t quite believe what’s going on. I’m overwhelmed for my first record to do that.”

Do you think Sam Smith should collaborate with Chris Brown?

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