Spoilers For 'Bachelor In Paradise' Episode 4: Jealousy, Gossip And Panic Ahead

Stacy Carey

New Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are available for episode 4 of the show, which airs on Monday, Aug. 19. Viewers got a very juicy preview at the end of Monday's show, and now the network is adding some details. In addition, Reality Steve's spoilers fill in some of the gaps that have had fans buzzing.

ABC teases Bachelor in Paradise spoilers that Robert Graham will get a date card, and while Michelle Money will hope to go on the date, he takes Sarah Herron instead. Michelle is said to be devastated, but then Cody Sattler arrives. It seems he first makes a play for Clare Crawley, but she sticks with Zack Kalter. Cody will give his date card to Marcus Grodd to take out Lacy Faddoul, while Michelle is asked out by newcomer Kalon McMahon.

Apparently Michelle will say yes to Kalon at first, but then she changes her mind. McMahon is said to go on the date all by his lonesome self. Jesse Kovacs surprises everybody by showing up, and he takes Jackie Parr on a date. It seems he may win her over, which leaves Marquel Martin out in the cold.

Fans know there is drama ahead in this episode, and everybody wants Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about what happens. Apparently AshLee will get caught gossiping about Clare, and that will lead to an "epic confrontation." Things get quite ugly, seemingly leaving both Graham and Zack a little leery of continuing their respective romances.

While the preview makes it seem that things get violent, Reality Steve's spoilers say that is not at all the case. The ambulance shown has nothing to do with Clare or AshLee. Rather, it seems, Lacy experiences either food poisoning or dehydration and is taken to the hospital.

As for the portion of the preview that makes it look like Graham walks out when AshLee tries to give him a rose? That's not quite what it seems either. ABC teases that "one of the bachelors panics and runs out of the rose ceremony, just as his name is being called." However, things are not what they seem in this case. Reality Steve teases Bachelor in Paradise spoilers that Graham walked off before AshLee said his name, and it's because he was feeling sick. He returns, she calls his name and he accepts the rose.

What's with someone in the jungle and all of that? At this point, Reality Steve doesn't know what that's about, so stay tuned. Fans get a double dose of fun as new episodes will air on both Monday and Tuesday, and it seems quite likely that the Aug. 25 episode will end with Graham having left, or the insinuation that AshLee is devastated and wandering around the jungle.

Stay tuned for more Bachelor in Paradise spoilers as episodes 4 and 5 draw near, as there is a lot more in store for viewers in these upcoming episodes.

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