Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Reunite For Awesome Emmy Promo [Video]

Breaking Bad fans, do you want to see Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston together again? Well, you can check out a very funny YouTube that has surfaced, but be warned, you’re not going to see Jesse Pinkman or Walter White.

In a short that was made to promote the Emmys, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston participated in an awesome reality show spoof where they portray two pawn shop clerks. On the mock shop “Barely Legal Pawn,” Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus is desperately trying to sell her Emmy. The reason being, she wants to buy her own island like Celine Dion.

According to the Veep actress, a little bit too much wine and online shopping lead her to the Barely Legal Pawn shop. A decision that she winds up to regret.

While Julia Louis-Dreyfus is only concerned about selling her Emmy, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s hillbilly characters are more interested in hitting on the Emmy winner than actually selling the trophy, which she whips out right away.

The two are hilariously puzzled by the trophy Julia Louis brings to the pawn shop and marvel at it’s stature.

It only gets better from there when Aaron Paul’s character mistakes her for Mary-Louis Parker, and compliments her on the show Weeds.

“Most people know who I am so it’s kind of a nice change of pace when they don’t. It’s kind of refreshing.”

It short cuts back to the three in the shop as they are evaluating Dreyfus’ Emmy. When she says the Emmy is from Seinfeld for Best Supporting, Cranston’s character is not impressed and notes that it would have been better if it was a lead. Aaron Paul, who has won an Emmy for Best Supporting on Breaking Bad, hilariously agrees with Julia Louis that it’s still a huge honor to have.

“This would be much more valuable if it was for a drama.”

The short goes on to show the two detecting the Emmy for authenticity, and of course some feisty zingers from Julia-Louis Dreyfus.

The response to the Emmy spoof has been overwhelmingly positive:

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