Unlikely Musical Duo - Paul McCartney And...?

According to unconfirmed reports, Paul McCartney may be recording a new album with none other than Kanye West.

This may not be too big of a stretch of the imagination, though, considering that last October, before the release of his album New, McCartney said that he had to fight the urge to collaborate with a rapper on that album. When asked whom he would have chosen to collaborate with, Sir Paul answered, "Oh, Jay-Z, Kanye West." And, of course, there is Kanye's mashup album of classic Beatles jams, What's a Black Beatle, Anyway?

At the very least, the two legendary musicians have been collaborating together. Kanye West's representative did confirm that Kanye was working with McCartney on a song apparently entitled "P*ss On Your Grave." The title even gave the unshakable Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West, a pause. According to sources, Kim reportedly said she was surprised that McCartney and West would choose such a provocative name.

The title may be off-putting to some, and admittedly a strange statement from two musicians from vastly different musical genres as well as generations, but, as Abdullah Saeed of Music Mic reports: "If the McCartney-West project is anything like Ye's collaborations with Elton John and the Police, then we're in for something truly legendary." This is in reference to Kanye's collaboration with the two rock legends. He recruited Elton John to sing "All of the Lights" on his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And in 2008, West teamed up with The Police to sing "Message in a Bottle" during Live Earth.

Other than the confirmation from West's representative that West and McCartney are collaborating on at least one song together, there are no additional details, and it is uncertain as to whether the collaboration between the two will be for West's newest album, which is due out later this year...or if the collaboration will be for a new Paul McCartney album.

The two are certainly mutual fans- McCartney has been open about admiring Kanye, saying that he bought his latest album. And West was recently spotted at a McCartney show in Los Angles just last week.

It sounds as though Paul McCartney is just way more hip than the average 72-year-old. Apparently, Kanye West isn't the only artist McCartney would love to collaborate with - he has his eye (or ear) on Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, but McCartney hasn't gotten the nerve up to ask York yet. Says McCartney: "I'm a bit sort of paranoid to just ring him up. 'Hey Thom, it's Paul here. What do you fancy, what are you doing? Do you fancy writing something?' Just in case he says, 'Er, actually I'm busy.'"

As if any musician would ever turn down the chance to work with Paul McCartney!

What do you think? Does a collaboration between Paul McCartney and Kanye West sound like a good idea...or a terrible one? And what should they be called? McKanye? Paulye McWestney? They'll obviously need a name!

[Image via Time]