Rick Ross Remixes Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’ [Listen]

The rapper Rick Ross has lent his street-cred and rap talents to Ed Sheeran’s new track “Don’t.”

According to Idolator, Rick Rubin and Benny Blanco co-produced the song. The original Sheeran song remains intact, but with added verses rapped by Rick Ross and a bit more foul language thrown in. Ed’s song already had a rap and R&B feel to it, with quick lyrics, clever rhymes and word play.

Rick Ross’s smokey voice accompanies Ed’s musical style surprisingly well. However, the lyrics Rick Ross adds may not be quite as fitting with Ed Sheeran’s typical romantic subject matter. Ross riffs on about yachts and other stereotypical rap song content:

“Hit the corner, burn the rubber like a stunt driver / Burn the mirror, run the b****, I’m a big lover / Gotta keep a b**** in check, microphone check / Killed your boy career, still no arrest yet / Snow White yacht in my red Yeezys…”

Ed Sheeran’s fans might be shocked to hear the singer/songwriter drop a few f-bombs in the chorus of the remix. Some say Ed has been trying to increase his street cred for awhile now, and this Rick Ross remix might be just the thing he was waiting for.

You can listen to the remix in the YouTube video below to hear the extra flavor Rick Ross brings to Ed Sheeran’s new single.

The original “Don’t” track appears on Ed Sheeran’s latest album x, or Multiply, which was released this summer. The album shot to the top of the UK Billboard charts.

To listen to the original Ed Sheeran song without Rick Ross, you can check out the official “Don’t” music video below:

Fuse TV claims that Ed Sheeran’s past attempts at rap and spoken word songs were not as successful as the Rick Ross remix. In particular, Fuseslams Ed’s song “The Man,” in which he raps what Fuse calls “emotional rubble.” What do you think? Is Ed’s collaboration with Rick Ross a big improvement?

Ed Sheeran has been collaborating with a lot of artists lately. He recently co-wrote Jessie Ware’s hit single “Say You Love Me,” which you can read more about here. Sheeran has also worked with Taylor Swift, but not without some disagreements, and has done songs with Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake.

Rick Ross has also been keeping busy. Rick recently purchased a large amount of Wing Stop restaurants to expand his business ventures and has spoken out in defense of fellow rapper who wound up in prison, Meek Mill.