Cindy Crawford Reportedly Pulls Kids From High School Due To 'PCB' Scare

Cindy Crawford, who clearly acts as a responsible mother when it comes to the well-being of her children Presley and Kaia, pulled them out of their Malibu High School due to an issue with "outstanding PCB's" in the windows of the classrooms.

Crawford isn't taking any chances at all when it comes to her kids, who she shares with her husband Rande Gerber, and why should she? PCB's can potentially lead to cancer as well as damaging the immune and reproductive system and negatively impact brain development in children.

In 1976, there was a good reason Congress banned the substance, which is used in the window grouting of older buildings.

Cindy Crawford opened up to Maria Shriver on the Today Show on Tuesday about the reasons she took her kids from the high school:

"I don't feel 100 percent safe. I look ten years down the line, what if my kid, God forbid, had a problem? How could I live with myself if I knew that it was a possibility, and I still sent them there?"
E! Online reported today that it seems Crawford is so worried about the potentially dangerous chemical that she even offered to pay out of her own pocket for caulking tests to be carried out at the school. However, the EPA agreed with the school that the potential issue has been taken care of through air testing.

Crawford continued:

"I am very frustrated and very disappointed at the way this has been handled. The problem is that they haven't tested the source. Unless they're testing every day, how do I know it's safe for my kid? This is not a Malibu issue. This is really an issue in a lot of older schools. I just think the laws need to be changed."
Do you think Cindy Crawford is right to be so careful about the potential of PCB's at her kids' high school, or do you think the air testing carried out already by the relevant authorities will suffice?

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