‘Batman v Superman’ Heads To Morocco – AKA ‘Paradise Island?’

The production of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is heading to Morocco in Northern Africa.

The Batman v Superman production has spent all summer in Detroit, but will now be going international according to Batman-News.

A film director/producer in Morocco named Nassim Abassi confirmed the news today via twitter:

Chances are that the entire cast and crew of Batman v Superman won’t be on the ground in Morocco for the entire three months. The characters that do have scenes in the desert city may be on hand for a few weeks each. The quoted three months means everything from second unit footage being shot to sets being built to actual production work with the actors.

Back in August when locations were being bandied about for Batman v Superman, Morocco was definitely on the list. Detroit seems set to stand in for Metropolis in the film, and other locations include Illinois (can you say Smallville?), the South Pacific and of course, Morocco.

So what will the set piece of Morocco be used for in Batman v Superman? If you believe the legions of fanboys who are rabidly discussing the topic online, Morocco will be standing in for Themyscira in Batman v Superman, better known, perhaps, as Paradise Island.

Still lost?

Paradise Island is where Wonder Woman grew up, and even though her name isn’t on the marquee, she’s very much a part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

According to People, Gal Gadot will be playing the ultimate heroine, and though she’ll have a different look in the film than we’re used to, we have to imagine that her origin will still be on the island of Themyscira.

In the comic books, Paradise Island is where Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons hail from. The island was renamed to Themyscira when DC relaunched Wonder Woman in the mid-eighties.

As Themyscira’s orignal name suggests, it is an island, and climate-wise, it’s paradise. For the Batman v Superman production team to turn Morocco into paradise shouldn’t be difficult. Though Morocco is in desert country, it borders the Atlantic Ocean, and its border towns are beautiful.

Either one of the above settings in Morocco could certainly serve Batman v Superman well as a location for Paradise Island.

images via Back Roads & People