'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Episodes 4 And 5 Bring New Sparks, Big Drama

Stacy Carey

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise will be treated to a double dose of craziness in the coming week as new episodes air on both Aug. 25 and 26. The preview shown at the end of Monday's episode showed a bit of what lies ahead, and fans want more. What Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are available for episodes 4 and 5?

The wild Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview shows that Michelle Money finally connects with someone and that someone happens to be Cody Sattler from Andi Dorfman's season. While some might think this is a bit of an unlikely pairing, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that these two actually are still together. In fact, apparently Cody is relocating to Utah where Michelle lives, and he seems to be in the process of that right now.

The preview also teased a lot of drama that seems to be centered around AshLee Frazier, Graham Bunn and Clare Crawley. Does Clare go after Graham and send AshLee reeling? That's what the preview seems to imply, but it surely isn't going to play out exactly like that. Reality Steve's spoilers break down a lot of the specifics regarding episodes 4 and 5.

During episode 4, it seems that three men show up: Jessse Kovacs, Kalon McMahon and Cody Sattler show up at the house. Though Kalon asks Sarah, Jackie and Michelle on dates, they all decline. He goes on a date by himself, and naturally he will end up leaving at the end of the episode without a rose.

Cody makes a pretty wise decision with his date card, from the sounds of things. He gives his to Marcus, indicating that he wants to get to know people in the house better before asking anyone out. Jesse and Jackie will have a date as will Marcus and Lacy of course.

There are other dates in this episode too, of course, but so far Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers haven't broken down the specifics. Obviously, something comes up with Clare, AshLee and Graham, but fans will have to stay tuned for details on that. At the rose ceremony, Michelle gives her rose to Cody and Sarah gives hers to Robert. Lacy, of course, gives hers to Marcus, and Jackie will give her rose to Jesse over Marquel or Kalon. That means Marquel Martin and Kalon McMahon will be leaving in episode 4.

While Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that AshLee gives hers to Graham and Clare gives hers to Zack, the preview certainly leads viewers to believe that this is more complicated than just a simple rose ceremony. It appears that Graham hesitates to accept AshLee's rose, and she naturally goes into a tailspin. It seems that she ends up dashing off into the woods in a mess of tears. It also looks like fans will be left hanging on this development for episode 5 airing Tuesday night.

As for Tuesday's episode, the basics from Reality Steve's spoilers are that Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen, both from Juan Pablo Galavis' season, show up at the house. Both of them first ask Zack on a date, but he declines, so they both take Jesse. Michelle and Cody seemingly have a great date, but Clare and Zack start pulling apart. In fact, apparently Zack is fairly non-committal, and this, of course, irks Clare. Apparently, she will choose to leave the show.

When it comes to the rose ceremony, Marcus naturally gives his rose to Lacy, and Graham is said to give his to AshLee. Steve mentions nothing so far about all the drama teased in the Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview, so expect that to play out to be far less dramatic, in all likelihood, than what the editing teased.

Zack will end up giving his rose to Jackie, while Cody gives his to Michelle. Robert gives his to Sarah, and Jesse will give his rose to Christy rather than Lucy. That means that Clare Crawley and Lucy Aragon will leave in episode 5. The season is flying by, but fans love every minute. Who will find lasting love? Viewers can't wait to find out. Tune in to ABC's Bachelor in Paradise airing on Monday, Aug. 25 and Tuesday, Aug. 26 to see just how it all goes down.

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