Amber Rose Posts Wedding Photos To Celebrate One Year Marriage To Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose posting a wedding photo to celebrate Rose’s first year of wedded bliss is nothing new. Posting it for the first time ever, that’s different.

According to MTV, Rose posted the wedding photo on her Instagram account to commemorate the first anniversary of Amber and Khalifa’s wedding. In the photo, Khalifa is dressed in a sharp fuschia and black tuxedo and short, corn-rowed hair. The bald beauty is resplendent in a flowing, gorgeous white gown. In the picture, Rose is holding their son, Sebastian “The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz, who the couple had in February of 2013.

Both Khalifa and Rose are flashing winning grins at the camera, while Sebastian is looking rather curiously.

The release of the picture also coincides with the release of Khalifa’s third solo album, Blacc Hollywood.

“Today was the day we said our vows before God and our Family. I knew as soon as I met u, u were the one for me sweetheart. Happy 1 year anniversary @mistercap and many more to come❤️,” wrote Rose in the caption.

Although the couple officially married in a Los Angeles courthouse on July 8, they held a ceremony for friends and family in Pennsylvania on August 18.

“Probably the first dance with me and Amber,” Wiz told MTV News last year about the best moment of the ceremony. “Seeing her walk down the aisle … was just mind-blowing.”

MStarz is reporting that though the couple are still together and happy, there may be a troubling trend in the background. Khalifa told Sister 2 Sister Magazine that he is still happily married to Rose, and does not give in to temptation while touring. “It ain’t hard. There is no temptation for me. You gotta keep THOTs in their place. I smoke with ’em, chill, but it doesn’t go past that,” he said.

Despite being known for being a stoner, the 26-year-old revealed that he’s been grounded ever since marrying Rose and having his son, Bash.

“I love my son. I take care of my son. Spending time with him is definitely that reset button that I be needing during the day.”

Last week, Khalifa tweeted some cryptic messages, giving fans a scare that the marriage may be in trouble. Some of the tweets follow;

“It’s crazy because this always happens and I always end up feeling like this.”

“I love you, but your freaking me out.”

“Watch out for psychological vampires.”

“The most expensive mistakes happen in cheap hotels.”

Immediately, Rose debunked the rumors posting images of her husband on Rose’s Instagram page, showing fans that their relationship is still doing well.