Is Ramen Deadly? Instant Noodles May Lead To Heart Attack, Diabetes

David Cornell - Author

Oct. 29 2016, Updated 7:38 a.m. ET

Could instant noodles be killing you? According to a new study, they just might be.

The results of this new study could be alarming for those of us who live on an almost nonexistent budget. For many, eating healthy is just too expensive, and ramen is a staple of their diets because fresh deli products and organic foods are just not affordable. For years we thought it might be okay because Oriental cultures are known for incorporating the cheap pasta into their regular meals.

A culture which seems to pride themselves in regular exercise can’t be that unhealthy, can they?

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It appears that South Korea has been facing health problems such as heart attacks and diabetes for a long time, but very few ever made the connection. South Korea has proven to be one of the highest level consumers of ramen noodles, and as a result, is suffering the most from the effects of the food product.

Many skeptics have claimed for years that instant noodles are mostly salt (and they’re correct), and the dehydrated vegetables may be the only thing in the package that’s actually real food. We usually wrote off the speculation because the Oriental snack provides a small meal for less than a dollar, and we often don’t have much choice.

The noodles themselves are mostly saturated fat and salt, which are known to contribute to the clogging of the arteries. It also contains MSG and a petroleum byproduct, two things which we know are unhealthy.

The packaging that many of the Oriental snack foods come in can also be a heavy contributor to hormonal issues especially for women. The Styrofoam contains bisphenol A (BPA), which interferes with many hormones, mostly estrogen.

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A possible alternative to ramen and other instant noodles is simply making your own pasta. An average package of spaghetti will cost maybe two dollars, with the sauce being the most expensive at around three dollars a jar for the name brands. This comes to around five or six dollars and can last a whole week if kept refrigerated. While this alternative is still more expensive and time consuming than a simple cup of noodles, it’s healthier and will save you money even compared with a trip to a fast food restaurant.

With this new evidence of how ramen noodles may be killing you, will it be enough to persuade you to change what you eat? How does the study on the health problems connected with instant noodles affect you?

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