Must Watch: Hilarious Video Of Cats And Dogs Playing Dead After Finger Shot [Watch]

A popular dog training trick is to have your dog “play dead”, but in this video compilation put together by Youtube user mihaifrancu dogs aren’t the only ones capable of mastering the move. Cats are just as good, if not better, at “playing dead” than their doggie counterparts.

What I love about this video is watching all the different ways the animals play dead. Some are quick to the draw, simply dropping to the floor. Others put a little more dramatics into it, stumbling around before slowly making his way to the ground.

The little doggie at the 1:28 mark is an Oscar-winner-in-the-making if you ask me. You can see the pup standing on his hind legs looking at his owner. The owner then points his finger gun at the pup and yells, “BAM!” The tiny dog drops to the ground dramatically. The dog at 1:53 gives the other tiny pup a run for his money though with her rendition of a “play dead” that features a hands up before going down.

The cats are less dramatic. Most of them look like they are just enjoying a nice scratch on the back. However, the cat at 1:25 is rather believable, for a cat.

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What do you think of the silly compilation of cats and dogs who have mastered “playing dead?” Do you think the finger shot trick is a good one, which dog or cat was your favorite?