Google Slips in New Search Engine Study While Bing and Yahoo! Grow

How do you search? If you are like the majority of people in the United States, you probably use Google. Yep, Google is still the number one search engine by a large margin, but new data released by ComScore today shows that the search engine giant is losing a little steam.

But Google isn’t loosing too much steam. Google still accounts for 64.8 percent of core search traffic, which according to ComScore includes “partner searches, cross-channel searches and contextual searches.” That number is just .3 percent down than Google’s score in July.

Still, Google’s small dip is something that both Yahoo and Bing can be proud of. Yahoo! was able to increase its traffic for the second month in a row. Yahoo! accounted for 16.3% of searches in August, which is .2 percent increase from July. Bing is still slightly behind Yahoo! with 14.7% of search traffic, but Bing is also seeing some growth. Bing saw a .3% growth in August.

ComScore writes in its report:

“Americans conducted 19.5 billion total core search queries in August (up 1 percent). Google Sites ranked first with 12.5 billion searches, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 3.6 billion and Microsoft Sites with 2.6 billion.”

Google is still the front-runner by far. But Yahoo! and Bing are starting to catch up. Of course, those aren’t the only search engines in the game. The ComScore report shows that is still getting a fair amount of traffic. Ask delivered more than 500 million searches in August. AOL is still a factor as well, but the former internet giant accounts for just over 1% of search traffic.

Is Google your go-to search engine? When was the last time you used AOL or to find what you were looking for?