Jennifer Lawrence Dating Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ex: Do She And Chris Martin Make A Cute Couple?

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly dating Chris Martin, the soon-to-be-ex-hubby of Gwyneth Paltrow. Perhaps Jennifer picked up the Coldplay frontman by asking him if “Yellow” is about urine (this would be classic J-Law).

According to E! News, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been consciously coupled since late June. This was around the time Lawrence split up with Nicholas Hoult. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lawrence and Hoult’s split was “very amicable,” and it’s possible that Nicholas has already moved on with Equals costar Kristen Stewart.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow decided to consciously uncouple back in March, but they still spend a lot of time together. Because of this, things might get pretty awkward if 24-year-old Jennifer Lawrence decides to visit her 37-year-old boyfriend in the Hamptons. According to Page Six, Chris Martin is staying in a mansion just a few blocks away from Gwyneth’s abode. Then again, Jennifer might have nothing to worry about if she runs into Goop – Paltrow is seemingly so determined to handle the death of her marriage with aplomb that she might give Lawrence a big hug and welcome her to the family.

Back in July, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin proved that they’re still pals by attending the premiere of Hector and the Search for Happiness in East Hampton. That same month, Jennifer Lawrence was seen leaving Coldplay’s Royal Albert Hall concert after-party in London. Cosmopolitan reported that Jennifer was hanging out with her Catching Fire costar Liam Hemsworth during the party, but perhaps she was really there to support her new boyfriend. Clever Jen was likely using Liam as a decoy – she knew the press would automatically link her to Miley Cyrus’ ex instead of Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband.

So will Jennifer Lawrence become a musical muse for her new boyfriend? The musician certainly has some pretty poetic things to say about the way he views life after his split from Goop. Here’s what he told Z100 about the split:

“There’s a phrase [that] was written by a singer, Leonard Cohen, which is, ‘The crack is where the light comes in.’ So, sometimes you have to go through something painful or breakage to see the beauty of things.”

It’s probably easier for Chris Martin to look at his split from Gwyneth Paltrow as a good thing now that he’s replaced her with a younger, funnier model. Jennifer Lawrence might seem a bit immature for Martin, but maybe the actress was impressed by the very mature way he handled the demise of his marriage. No female celebrity wants to start dating a guy with a history of badmouthing his exes.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin dating?

[Image credit: Just Jared, E! News]

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