'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted In Week 7?

Nicole Franzel and Donny Thompson are nominated for eviction in week 7 of Big Brother 16, and one of them will be out the door Thursday night. While earlier in the week many BB16 fans were worried for Donny, things shifted when Nicole was put on the block after the Power of Veto ceremony. Fans want Big Brother spoilers about who is headed home, and the live feeds revealed a lot leading into the next show.

As Big Brother Network notes, Big Brother spoilers indicate that Nicole has campaigned hard to try to save herself, as she knows she's in big trouble here. While it looked like there might be an opportunity for her to shift the attention to Donny over her, it doesn't seem it has worked.

Wednesday night, Derrick told Nicole that she doesn't have the votes to keep her in the house. Though he has been focused on evicting her over Donny pretty much all week, at times he had led her to believe that he was open to keeping her. He never really meant that though, it seems. For the most part, Derrick and many of the other remaining houseguests are already putting together their hit list of who to target next. Unfortunately for Nicole, it doesn't seem that there is any chance whatsoever that she'll turn things around and stay, barring a big twist coming into play.

Also Wednesday night, production put a fright into the Big Brother 2014 houseguests with some spooky antics. Skeletons and ghosts appeared in mirrors, and more showed up in the storage room. The houseguests started screaming and laughing, and soon some hints and announcements came that seem to be prepping the houseguests for Thursday night's Head of Household competition. It sounds like it will be zombie-related. If the zombie antics aren't related to the HOH competition, expect them to come into play in another competition over the weekend.

This has been an interesting week in the Big Brother 16 house, even if it seems the week 7 eviction will be uneventful. Frankie Grande was targeted, then he saved himself. He decided to make a big production over revealing that he is a "media mogul" as well as Ariana Grande's brother. Did that all put him back in control of the BB16 house? Some would say not so much.

As Zap2It notes, the person who really is pulling most of the strings and still has pretty much everybody fooled at this point is Derrick Levasseur. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Derrick keeps pushing others off the idea of targeting Victoria soon, and that's because he knows he has her on his side. Of course, he's got Cody aligned tightly with him as well, and his plans seem to rule the roost. Can anybody topple Derrick at this point? It's certainly possible, but Donny is the only one who seems to be suspicious of him at this point.

While it is too early to say that Derrick has a win in the bag this season, he is way ahead of some of these other houseguests when it comes to gameplay and strategizing. It will certainly be interesting to see who wins Head of Household Thursday, to see if Derrick's hold on the game will continue. Tune in to Big Brother 16 airing Thursday night on CBS, and stay tuned for Big Brother spoilers as nominations and plans are made over the next few days.

[Image via Hollywood Take]