January 2, 2017
'GTA V' Virtual Rape Scenes Go Viral On YouTube

GTA V virtual rape is a disturbing new trend for hackers who are modifying the code of Rockstar Games' popular video game series. The game already allows players to commit a number of crimes, including theft and murder. Now savvy gamers are not only turning their characters into naked men who rape other avatars, they are showing off the virtual rape scenes in graphic videos posted on YouTube.

GTA 5 virtual rape

The videos quickly go viral online, only to be removed due to a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service. This doesn't stop hackers from raping other players' characters online and creating new videos. As fast as they disappear, users create more of these sexually explicit videos, upload them, and continue the virtual online assaults.

The Huffington Post states that players modify the game's code, pick a character who is naked, or partially clothed, and lock him onto another online player. The character then simulates rape by thrusting his pelvis back and forth into his victim. There is no recourse for the avatar who is raped, with Reddit user "mrerikmattila" writing that he was "butt raped on-line" and couldn't kill off his attacker.

Kotaku spoke about the virtual rapists with the Reddit user, who likened having his character sexually assaulted to a "traumatic life" simulator. Players who modify the software, known as "modders," manipulate other players into doing things against their will that are not part of the game. This includes forcing the avatar to do pole dances, push-ups and, in many instances, sex crimes that leave the victim helpless and unable to fight back.

"He would run up to you, get stuck to your back side—chest to back. You would then lose control and would proceed with the animation. Once finished, he would continue being stuck to your chest to back. You would then be forced in to performing a stripper pole dance animation, then you were free to go."

Rockstar Games has yet to make a comment on the GTA V virtual rape trend. In-game penalties have been the norm in the past for players who are caught cheating or modifying the game, but for now, it looks like this sexual assault on players' avatars will continue for as long as modders get away with it.