'Star Wars Episode VII': Millennium Falcon Inside Photos Leaked

Despite J.J. Abrams' efforts in guarding his Star Wars Episode VII production, it appears images from inside the Millennium Falcon have been leaked by the French website Mint In box. On Tuesday, a few very cool photos of what we presume is the legendary interstellar aircraft sent the internet abuzz.

It is no secret that Abrams is keeping details about Star Wars Episode VII very close to his chest, but with the widespread use of mobile devices, it's almost impossible to keep things under wraps. A prime example came late Tuesday, when the shots were posted to Twitter for all to rejoice and analyze.

Millennium Falcon interior green screen

The legendary Millennium Falcon is Han Solo's aging spacecraft -- created by George Lucas for the original trilogy -- which we know is making a comeback in Star Wars Episode VII.

Millennium Falcon interior photo.

In early June, we first got some Millennium Falcon set images leaked online courtesy of TMZ. At that time it was unclear whether any of the original Star Wars cast members would return to reprise their roles, as the official cast had not been announced.

J.J. Abrams showed us that even though he protects his script and set fiercely, he also has a sense of humor. Following all the unauthorized Millennium Falcon leaks from the Star Wars Episode VII set, he tweeted this rebuttal, hinting that the famous spacecraft was indeed part of the storyline for the new trilogy (or at least the first part of it).The news that the Millennium Falcon was actually on set was further confirmed when original cast member Harrison Ford suffered an accident when one of its hydraulic doors fell on his ankle. The actor required surgery and a break in production was announced by Disney to give him time to recover.

Even though Ford's injury was serious enough to put him out of commission for a few weeks, he appears to be getting stronger and was seen walking the red carpet at The Expendables 3 premiere on Monday. Someone decided to make some fun of he 72-year-old veteran posting this Millennium Falcon photo on Twitter:

The latest Star Wars Episode VII leaked images give us a better look at what the famed Millennium Falcon looks like 30-years after Return of the Jedi, which is roughly where Abrams picks up the story. The blockbuster is set to resume production later this month.

Millennium Falcon main cabin.

Star Wars Episode VII leaked photos.

What do you think about the new Millennium Falcon leaked photos from the set of Star Wars Episode VII?

[Image via Lucasfilm]