French Montana’s Estranged Wife Speaks Out: “We Were Abandoned”

Deen Kharbouch, estranged wife of French Montana, as well as the mother of Montana’s son, is shocked that people label her as “bitter” in regards to Montana’s success.

“It’s unbelievable,” Deen says. “Literally, my jaw, my mouth is like still to the floor that this has even happened. I couldn’t even phathom that this would happen at all, period. So when it did happen, I’m sitting there, and then you read the comments, and people say, ‘oh she’s bitter’. That is one word I don’t know out of everything they could say, it’s just the bitter word. And I’m like, ‘I’m not bitter. Why would anyone think that I’m bitter?”

Deen may have gotten a reputation for being bitter of French Montana’s success because she has been openly vocal about Montana’s failure as a parent. In May, she took to Twitter, upbraiding Montana publicly, tweeting: “Whores, strippers, dealers tell @FrencHMonTanA that his son is sick.” She also issued a warning to Khloe Kardashian, who previously dated Montana until recently, via an interview in Life & Style, saying: “She [Khloe] has to be careful. Things are not what they seem. As soon as he [Montana] popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist. He practically abandoned us. He and I worked together to put him where he is.”

It was statements like that which led many to label Montana’s ex as bitter, but in a recent interview with The Hip Hop Socialite, Kharbouch denied any bitterness. She admitted that Montana’s actions, however, have been hurtful, saying:

“I’m more in shock, hurt maybe, but bitter? Absolutely not. Only because I got the opportunity to see the person that I married, and when you look back in the history that we have, I just can’t see some of the things he did, or is doing presently, how he even did it. So that to me, and what I do, people have to understand that I was there from day one.”

Montana has allegedly not seen the son that he shares with Deen for months. He does pay $7,000 a month in child support, but even that, Deen says, was something that a judge told Montana he had to do, not anything he volunteered.

According to Deen, once Montana “made it” in his music career, he abandoned both wife and child.

“We were dropped,” Deen claims. “That was literally what it was, we were dropped, but after that happened, then you decide – are you going to sit here and say nothing, or are you just going to try to, you know, move forward with your life, and I had to move forward because I had a baby. He was a baby when this happened to us. We were abandoned.”

What do you think? Is Deen Kharbouch jealous of Montana’s success…or is she just a normal, single mom tired of a deadbeat dad?

[Image via Radar Online]