Camilla Thurlow: Prince Harry's New Girlfriend Called Kate Middleton Look-Alike

Camilla Thurlow is Prince Harry's new girlfriend, but some observers think the beauty queen bears a striking resemblance to another woman in his life --- sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Thurlow and Prince Harry have gotten quite close in recent weeks, with witnesses saying that the 25-year-old Thurlow has already stayed the night at Kensington Palace. The couple was spotted grabbing a meal together in July, and later took their romance to Harry's apartment.

"They've been texting ever since and she has been over for drinks at his apartment twice — once with friends and once on her own," a source told Grazia.

Camilla Thurlow appears to be different from Prince Harry's other girlfriends, who were mostly blonde. Many have actually noted a similarity between Thurlow and the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Harry's brother Prince William.

Entertainmentwise noted:

"Miss Thurlow, a former Miss Edinburgh, has long brown hair and brown eyes, and is a dead ringer for Harry's sister-in-law Kate Middleton."

Camilla Thurlow met Harry through her work with The Halo Trust, a charity set up by Prince Harry's mother Princess Diana.

Sources say she and Harry also share a love of partying.

"Camilla is always the life and soul of the party. Harry is playing it cool because he wants to have fun, but Camilla could be just what he needs to get over Cressida once and for all," the Grazia source added.

Other sources note that Harry simply grew tired of Cressida.

"Harry thought she was boring toward the end," a source told E! News after Harry and Cressida split. "She didn't like to go out, party and have fun as often as he does, and they weren't matched enough for him to commit. Cress is beautiful, intelligent and fun — but she's no raver like Harry still enjoys. Harry just wasn't ready to settle down and head down the route of getting serious with his royal commitments. It's going to take a special girl to tame him."

While Camilla Thurlow may look like Kate Middleton, she has drawn the attention from another woman in Harry's life. Bonas is reportedly jealous of the relationship and is trying to win Harry back.