WWE News: Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Snubs Hulk Hogan During Hogan’s RAW Birthday Bash

Joe Burgett - Author

Aug. 12 2014, Updated 8:05 a.m. ET

During the WWE Monday Night RAW broadcast, it was foretold before the show even began that Wrestling Legend and two-tome WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair would be on the show. Many wondered what his role would be, but most thought he would be part of the Hulk Hogan birthday bash that was taking place last night. Hogan turned 61 and clearly Flair and the Hulkster knew each other well over the years. They have been both friends and rivals for some time. However, sometimes things can get a bit….weird.

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During the celebration, Flair came out and went inside the ring like normal and shook the hand of long time WWE broadcaster Mean Gene Okerlund. but not the hand of Hulk Hogan himself, who was standing right beside Gene. He didn’t really even acknowledge Hogan being there, which was weird for many. The reason for this was up in the air, but many could easily tell something was up during the broadcast.

After Hogan was snubbed, he looked visibly angry. He had the trademark sunglasses on, so you could not tell fully. The expression on his face made you think something was up. He seemed happy and upbeat until that occurred. On the other side of the coin, some think that Hogan snubbed Flair and this was all some big issue between the two of them. Some have jokingly claimed it was old rivals trying to keep to kayfabe from old WWE and WCW days. Sadly, that does not seem likely this time around.

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Rumor has it that an altercation took place with the WWE legends backstage before the celebration began. There is not a lot of information currently. What we currently know is that there was some sort of argument that took place, and it split the WWE legends a bit. It seems Flair was at the center of the issue, but that is not confirmed. What is confirmed is that there was an altercation.

Usually when this happens before a show, the people involved do try their best to remain professional but sometimes things boil over. Clearly the snub was not cool by any means whoever snubbed who. However, we have seen worse. Such as people trying to hurt each other in the ring, for real. At least there was no random battle royal that went down, so for that we can be thankful.

WWE clearly wanted these men on the show to help ratings which would hopefully sell people on SummerSlam during the “go-home” show. The Brock Lesnar altercation at the end was seemingly unneeded as very little happened. Many think that the WWE had other plans as the WWE birthday bash for Hogan looked seemingly thrown together. Could an altercation between the WWE legends have caused an issue? More as we know it.

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