Christie Brinkley ‘Uptown Girl’ Serenade By Billy Joel Will Rock Your World [Video]

Christie Brinkley was the “Uptown Girl” once again for ex-husband Billy Joel in Madison Square Garden on August 7. The model and actress was sitting in the front row at his concert and ended up being the subject of the entire audience’s attention by the end.

Back when Billy first wrote the song, he had actually written it about then-girlfriend Elle MacPherson, but when it came time to film the video in 1983 it was Brinkley who received the original serenade. She had been made to look relatively well-off in an expensive gown as she made her way around town, followed by what appeared to be a working-class man with a crush.

That man as we all know was Billy Joel, who had married Brinkley two years later. It seems the video was his way of winning her over.

Two decades after their divorce, the singer decided to relive their rise to fame. The song started as Billy gestured to the camera man and pointed at Christie Brinkley mere seconds before the spotlight and cameras gave the 60 year old model all of the attention. Billy’s performance was still amazing, and Brinkley was blushing by the end, clearly enjoying her moment in the spotlight once again.

The moment may not have rekindled the old flames, but the model showed her appreciation by posting a snapshot of the concert to Instagram. She still looks remarkably good for a woman her age, and Billy Joel helped the world realize it.

Brinkley apparently loved the attention, and poured accolades back on the singer with a caption on her Instagram photo, “He’s still got it!”

It seems that even divorce wasn’t enough to break up the couple’s friendship.

What do you think of Billy Joel’s serenade for his “Uptown Girl” Christie Brinkley two decades after their original pair-up with the same song?

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