Harrison Ford Is Back, Attends ‘Expendables 3’ Premiere

Harrison Ford is back! After being under the weather following a freak accident while filming Star Wars Episode VII, the 72-year-old star appears to be on the mend. The veteran actor was seen smiling broadly at the red carpet for his latest movie, The Expendables 3, on Monday.

Star Wars Episode VII is in production at Pinewood Studios in London, where the actor was injured on set when a hydraulic door from the Millennium Falcon — Han Solo’s spaceship — fell on his leg and broke it. Medics were called to the studio to attend Ford, who was airlifted to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where he later underwent surgery.

At first, Disney downplayed the injury, however, afterwards it was announced that the injury suffered by Harrison Ford was more serious than first thought and it would affect production. Producers insist that Star Wars Episode VII is on track for its intended December 18, 2015 release date, as noted in a statement to ease fans concerns about Ford’s injury:

“In August, the team will take a brief two-week hiatus while adjustments to the current production schedule are made as actor Harrison Ford recovers from a leg injury. Harrison is doing well and is looking forward to returning to the set soon.”

Co-star and original Star Wars cast member, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) recently spoke to reporters about Harrison Ford’s recovery, saying “I hear he is doing really well.” Ford was seen wearing a specially designed crutch, however in recent days, he has been spotted walking without assistant, indicating that he is indeed on the mend.

Harrison Ford returns to Star Wars Episode VII to reprise the role that propelled him to fame in 1977. The actor was relatively unknown when he joined George Lucas’ Star Wars in the role of interstellar mercenary, Han Solo. It is reported that Ford was helping with script reading and Lucas liked him so much that he offered him a part in what became one of the most successful franchises in history.

Although details of the plot for Star Wars Episode VII are unknown at this time, it has been reported that Harrison Ford has a major role in the new trilogy. Ford is known for doing his own stunts as often as he is allowed, but it remains to be seen how his injury will affect his ability during filming when he returns to set.

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