This Rottweiler Loves Taking A Shower Simply Too Much, Watch The Adorable Video

Some people have an impossible time persuading their dog to take a bath. And without at least occasional bathing, as most dog-people now — dogs can really stink. But not this Rottweiler.

Meet Lena, the Rottweiler whose lucky owners never have to worry about keeping her clean. Because not only does Lena enjoy bathing, she especially loves showering. In fact, as this video which as gone viral over the past several days shows, Lena will get into the shower all on her own. That’s how much she loves showering.

Here’s how Lena’ s owner, Usrula Liv, described this strangely adorable video:

“Everyone that knows our Rottie Lena knows she LOVES the water & even more to take showers! If you don’t close the bathroom door she WILL get in with you! This is right after I got out of the shower & she hoped in and didn’t want to get out.. Then topped off with a kiss from our permanent foster Blu. All our rottweilers have loved the water but now as much as this one does!”

In case your dog is not as enthusiastic about bathing as Lena here, pet experts advice going slow in getting a dog acquainted with bathing. Despite what you’ll see in this video of Lena, spraying water in a dog’s face is likely to frighten most dogs and put them off the bathing process forever.

There are no firm guidelines on how often a dog needs to be bathed. While Lena takes a shower every chance she gets, your dog may not need to bathe quite that often. The length of a dog’s hair obviously plays a large role how much dirt the animal will accumulate, so use your best judgement — and show your pooch a little extra love when putting the doggie in the bath.

In the meantime, what better way to start your week that watching a Rottweiler take a shower.