‘Suits’ Renewal News: Season 5 Made Official By USA Network

Suits Season 5 is on the way, which is news that will make fans very happy. Though it shouldn’t necessarily come as a big surprise, it is nice that people won’t be left hanging as the Season 4 mid-season finale draws near. While fans will have to wait a while to see what the network has in store, at least long-time fans can rest assured that there is more on the way.

According to TV Line, Suits Season 5 will be made up of 16 episodes once again. While specifics regarding storylines and casting were not shared, it sounds like what fans will get will be more of the same in terms of the cast. USA Network president Chris McCumber noted that they feel that Suits offers up “some of the best writing on television,” and he praised the “brilliant ensemble cast.”

Season 4 started off on a note that some fans found to be lacking, with Mike and Harvey very much at odds as they worked against one another rather than with one another. However, now that Mike is back at Pearson Specter, things seem to be firing on all cylinders again.

The season is flying by quickly, as the Season 4 mid-season finale is already set to air on USA on August 20. At this point, a return date has not yet been revealed. Fans may need to brace themselves, however, as the mid-season break during Season 3 was a long one. The show ran from July to September and then returned with new episodes the following March and April. Viewers are certainly hoping that the break isn’t as long this time, but for now they will need to stay tuned.

TV Guide notes that Season 5 of Suits will premiere next summer. So far the seasons have always started in June or July, so it would seem likely that’s what everybody can expect when it comes to Season 5.

What can viewers expect as the mid-season Suits finale draws near? The SEC investigation will come to a head in episode 4×09 titled “Gone,” and then episode 4×10 is titled, “This is Rome.” It seems that Jessica and Harvey will be working to keep the firm safe from competitors while Louis is aiming to balance his professional and personal lives. Where will things be when it comes to Mike and Rachel? Fans are anxious to find out.

Though the network did not specify whether the entire ensemble cast would return for Season 5, it seems fairly likely. This has been a solid, stable cast since the beginning, and fans would likely be crushed if any of the core ensemble members were to depart. How long can the writers keep this all going? It seems they have ideas that will at least carry them through another set of episodes. Where would you like to see things head in Season 5 of Suits?

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