Bike Thief Gets Revenge Letter From Owner Who Had Tracking Device In The Cycle

A bike thief was the recipient of a revenge letter sent to him by the owner of the cycle he stole from in England. The thief had no idea a tracking device was hidden within the bike. This is a letter that surely shocked the individual who stole Aaron Rush’s bike.

According to the Daily Mail, the revenge letter has become an online hit since the bike tech company, Blaze, posted the letter.

Revenge letter to bike thief.

The letter in its entirety is photographed above and the words are clearly written below from The Independent:


Fantastic! I’ve grabbed your attention

Hi there! You stole my bike last night, admittedly I was kind of ticked off about this, but less so when I realised that you left your face on camera at the station. And also you may have not realised but this is not the first bike I’ve had stolen, so I put a tracer inside the bike frame. So unfortunately for you, I know where you live. Please dear bike thief, don’t take this as a threat, I’m sure you had your reasons, I just want my bike back.

All I am asking is if you return the bike before the end of the week, that will be the end of it. If not: You’ll be getting a visit by our Majesty’s finest.

In case you’ve taken more than one bike, mine was the grey Giant.

Have a good day!

Sincerely, the poor student with no money, but a working printer

Rush, 23, tells the Daily Mail that he noticed his bike was missing when he decided to ride it to work instead of walking like he had the last two weeks.

“I started cycling in and literally after one day of having my bike there the bike got nicked,” Rush says.

The bike hasn’t been returned from the thief yet and he’s unable to track where it’s at now.

Rush says:

“I checked the tracker last week and I could tell that it was still in Kings Langley, so I assumed that would be fine, so I didn’t check it again until this weekend but it couldn’t find a signal anywhere, so I don’t know if it’s broken or whether it’s been switched off.”

The bike thief revenge letter has gotten a lot of attention, but it hasn’t brought back the one thing Aaron Rush wants back. Will the thief have half a heart and eventually return the man’s bike?

[Image via Deaf Pigeon]