‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Episode 2 Features A Putz, A Girlfriend Back Home And A Broken Heart

Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise promises to be one wild evening of chaos and fun. Fans got hooked with the premiere last week, and now the August 11 show is looking like it will be even crazier. What are the latest Bachelor in Paradise spoilers out regarding the next episode?

ABC executive Robert Mills teased via Twitter, “In the first 10 minutes of #BachelorInParadise, a Putz rocks #Bachelornation to its very foundation. Attendance is mandatory.” Now, granted, there may well be several contenders for the title of putz in episode 2. Given that this is something that happens right away Monday night, many would bet that it’s the Michelle Kujawa situation that earns someone this honorable title.

As Reality Steve has previously teased, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Michelle’s time on the show isn’t quite over yet, despite her departure before the first rose ceremony. As fans saw, she is confronted by Chris Harrison and it’s going to be juicy. Apparently Kujawa took up with a crew member and it’s going to all play out on-screen. The crew member is even said to have jumped out a window to try to prevent getting busted, and he broke bones. The shot showing someone with casts over both ankles is said to be related to this. So, is the crew member the putz referenced by Mills? It seems like he’s a pretty solid candidate.

There’s another guy who may end up looking like a bit of a putz in episode 2 as well, but it would seem that will come later in the show. Once again Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have dished out some goods on this, but a new Zap2It preview breaks things down. Marcus and Marquel conveniently find a letter that seemingly indicates another guy has a girlfriend back home.

The Bachelor in Paradise spoiler clip shows the guys reading a letter from a girl named Lindsay addressed to “Babe,” and they decide they need to confront the guy in question. Which contestant went on the show with a girlfriend? That would be Ben Scott, and he will go home before the rose ceremony over it. Wetpaint confirms that Ben and model Lindsay Higgins started dating just before Scott committed to do BIP.

Why would Ben bother to go on the show then? Viewers saw in the premiere that he seemingly made no effort whatsoever to connect with anyone romantically. Apparently he was hoping it would “open other doors” for him so he headed to Mexico even though he wasn’t looking for love. That may not work out quite so well now. In addition to the Michelle Kujawa and Ben Scott drama, episode 2 will feature new bachelors with Chris Bukowski and Zack Kalter coming into the mix. Bukowski’s presence most definitely shakes things up, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate his addition will quite specifically lead to the departure of another bachelor.

Watch for things to heat up between Lacy and Marcus, and for Elise to shift her attention to Chris over Dylan. Petitt won’t take kindly to that, so he will take Sarah Herron on a date. While many fans could see a very sweet romance blossoming between Dylan and Sarah, perhaps, it sounds like things never progress that far. By the end of the night Reality Steve’s spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise indicate that both Dylan and Ben will be heading back home.

There will be tension, tears, and romance Monday night as these The Bachelor and The Bachelorette rejects look for love in Mexico. Which Bachelor in Paradise couples do you think have the best shot at lasting?

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]