‘Reverse Discrimination’ Case: White Teacher Wins $350K In Racial Bias Suit

“Reverse discrimination” is what it’s being called as a white teacher in Maryland has received a $350,000 award for allegations of racial bias.

In a report from the Washington Post, Jon Everhart, a former English teacher at Largo High School, alleged in his lawsuit against the Prince George’s County school board that a black principal forced him out of his job because of his race.

Upon hearing the verdict, Everhart said that “Justice was served,” adding, “I do feel as though I have been vindicated.”

More from the Post:

“Everhart, 65, speaking by phone from Ohio after the verdict in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, said he faced years of racial harassment from the Largo High School principal, who he said repeatedly told staffers and students that she planned to fire him.

“‘She called me ‘poor white trash’ and white b***h,’ Everhart said of the principal, Angelique Simpson-Marcus, who leads the 1,100-student school in Upper Marlboro. ‘Her behavior was so outlandish.’

“Simpson-Marcus said in an interview that the allegations are baseless. She declined to comment on the reason for Everhart’s termination, but she said the complaints of ill treatment and retaliation were ‘unfounded.’

“‘I never said any of those things,’ she said. ‘I don’t use that kind of language.’

A jury, however, saw it differently, awarding the six-figure sum to Everhart, who originally filed the so-called reverse discrimination suit in 2010.

Everhart’s attorney, Bryan Chapman, argued the Board of Education broke the Civil Rights Act, which states organizations that receive federal funds can’t discriminate because of race, color or national origin. “There is no cap in potential damages in such cases; Everhart originally sought $5 million,” the Post reported.

That argument won the jury’s approval, but it did find in favor of the county school board on Everhart’s claim of a hostile work environment. More from the report:

“Everhart’s award is for compensatory damages. He said he has suffered from high blood pressure and heart problems as a result of his treatment at Largo.

“U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte will later decide how much Everhart should receive in back pay and benefits.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve brought you a story on the “reverse discrimination” claim working out in favor of a white plaintiff. Earlier this year, The Inquisitr reported on a white police lieutenant who won a seven-figure claim because of perceived discrimination.

What do you think is causing the uptick in “reverse discrimination” cases, and do you believe that’s what is going on at Largo High?

[Image via Largo High School]