Finders Keepers: Hunt for £12,000 Diamond Continues in Lincolnshire

Residents of Lincolnshire, a county east of England, are still searching for the £12,000 ($20,100) that dropped down from the sky.

A few days ago, jewelry retailer 77 Diamonds launched a box containing a 1.14-carat diamond into space as a publicity stunt. The company secured permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to launch the helium balloon to the edge of space.

The box containing the diamond was attached to a helium balloon. Mirror UK reports that the balloon with the precious diamond was tracked using GPS technology after it went up to a height of 20 kilometers above the earth.

The balloon burst, and according to reports, the diamond descended and is now said to be within a 5-mile radius of Lea, a village in Lincolnshire.

Balloon With Diamond

People are now scrambling to find the diamond, but it seems that no one has found it as of writing. 77 Diamonds’ co-founder said that anyone who finds the diamond gets to keep it.

“Whoever finds our diamond really does get to keep it, so we are encouraging the general public to go out and start searching for it.”

The company said that people should watch out for a bright orange parachute connected to a white balloon. If they find it, they will be able to find the diamond inside a red and silver box that is about the size of a shoebox.

Two days after its launch, the diamond still has not been found, and the GPS still reads that it is still in the location where it landed.

Residents of the county announced on Twitter that they were out searching for the diamond in the sky. Other wished that they didn’t have to go to work so that they can spend time looking for the diamond.

According to International Business Times, 77 Diamonds did the stunt to promote their interactive universe called “Diamonds in the Sky,” where users are asked to fill the virtual sky with thousands of stars. Tobias Kormind, the company’s co-founder said that their goal was to bring a diamond in the sky, literally.

“77 Diamonds has a long history of helping people to find the perfect diamond for an extra-special event in their lives. With Diamonds in the Sky, we wanted to explore the parallels between diamonds and stars in an imaginative and engaging way.”

The company said to follow their Twitter account as they will be announcing who gets to find the Diamond in the Sky.

[Images via International Business Times]