Cats Prove There Are The Masters Of Space Manipulation In These Super Cute Photos

Ever hear the term ‘If It Fits, I Sits’? It was coined solely after watching cats managing to completely fit or accommodate their entire bodies into spaces that are seemingly impossible.

Cats have an overwhelming urge to cram themselves into tight and unimaginably tight spaces. Cats love small crevices or tiny spaces like baskets, boxes, cartons, etc. While their bodies may seem too big for the space, these sleek, slender and highly flexible contortionists can easily lower or insert themselves into these spaces, without distorting the shape of the container. Perhaps the ability to bend extensively by manipulating their shoulders, cats can get into crazy small spots. Getting out might be another story though.

These images will proof the modern adage, ‘If It Fits I Sits’ very well.

Ying-Yang In Perfect harmony

Image Credit | Layla Lair

Where's The Other Shoe?

Image Credit | Imgur

They Come In An Assortment of Flavors Too

Image Credit | Pink Chucks To The Prom

Is It A Symbolic Or Token Attempt?

Image Credit | Pink Chucks To The Prom

That Is A Funny Looking Oatmeal!

Image Credit | Imgur

How Is It Going To Come Out, That Is The Question

Image Credit | Metro

One Of The Product Simply Can't Be Returned For Its Cuteness Factor

Image Credit | mugumogu via Fox News

That is One Cute, Rather Oversized Muffin

Image Credit | Pink Chucks To The Prom

This Flour Might Not Be Fit For Consumption

Image Credit | Natalie Haston

The Cat In Red Hot Heels Who's Got Glamor

Image Credit | HulluMaja

If It Fits I Sits

Image Credit |

The Cat Ninja Is Watching You

Image Creit | Caiera

All Boxed-Up, Ready To Be Shipped. Just Poke A Few Holes Though

Image Credit | Crobully

While many believe that cats love small boxes just for the curiosity factor, many animal psychologists suggests cats think it is cozy den. Boxes might be a protective enclosure for them which keeps them safe from predators. Through millions of years of evolution cats have ingrained some simple techniques to ensure survival during their most vulnerable time. If you think only domesticated cats love boxes, this video will surely prove that cats of all shapes, sizes & breed simply can’t resist a cardboard container.

Main Image Credit | Livedoor