Tooth In Man's Nose: 22-Year-Old Man Had 'Extra' Tooth Growing In His Nose

Effie Orfanides

A tooth in a man's nose was found to be the cause of his frequent nosebleeds. According to the Mail Online, the 22-year-old man from Saudi Arabia suffered from at least one nosebleed a month, which sometimes occurred after he simply itched his nose. He also suffered from tonsillitis on an unusual basis, and doctors decided they needed to have a better look at him. It turns out, the man had an extra tooth growing inside his nose.

"Doctors found a white bony mass measuring half an inch (1cm) long growing in his nasal cavity. Upon seeking advice from dentists, it was confirmed the mass was in fact an extra tooth."
"To solve the problem, doctors from the King Fahd Military Medical Complex, in Dhahran, put the man under general [anesthetic] before pulling out the rogue tooth."
"It's an unusual case of an extra tooth - certainly, the most impressive intranasal photo I think I've ever seen of one. I've never seen the tooth actually in there."