‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 8: Shamy Reunites, Jim Parsons Talks Marriage

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 has finally started filming, and the series’ cutest couple is back together.

Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons recently celebrated Shamy’s happy reunion with two adorable Instagram photos taken on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Parsons was the first half of Shamy to share a picture. Here’s how he captioned the photo:

“Back at it and loving it… With @missmayim on set. Thank you to the best AD, @shnikki, for taking our pic.”

Later he convinced Bialik to snap a selfie with him. Mayim captioned the photo:

“@therealjimparsons made me take my own. Done, Jim!”

Unfortunately, these happy photos might not be evidence that Dr. Sheldon Cooper is thrilled to see his girlfriend after returning from his train trip. Instead of rocking Sheldon’s signature geeky T-shirts, Jim Parsons is wearing polo shirts in both photos. This means it’s highly unlikely that he and Mayim Bialik were shooting scenes together when they posed for the pictures on The Big Bang Theory set.

There is a slight chance that Sheldon developed a whole new style during his train trip of self-discovery. However, this would definitely upset fans of The Big Bang Theory who love his nerdwear adorned with robots, Rubik’s cubes, and superhero logos.

It would also be impossible for Dr. Cooper to buy a whole new wardrobe if he never got off the train. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sheldon might have spent his entire trip on refusing to get off his favorite mode of transportation. This does sound like it would be the theoretical physicist’s own quirky way of seeing the world on The Bang Theory.

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik are obviously happy to be back together on The Big Bang Theory set. However, Parsons isn’t sure what the show’s writers have in store for Shamy. Here’s what he told TV Line about the couple’s future:

“I don’t know that we’re headed for the bedroom or the altar any time soon. But, whatever… The writers have been so good with the pace of it, just bring more is all I would say.”

Much like Sheldon, Jim Parsons isn’t too keen on the idea of marriage. He might be overjoyed if Shamy ever ties the knot on The Big Bang Theory, but he’s not ready to walk down the aisle with his real-life boyfriend of 11 years just yet.


During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, The Big Bang Theory star admitted that he struggles with the idea of getting married. When the 41-year-old actor was asked if marriage has ever been a life goal for him, this is what he said:

“It wasn’t one. Not to say it won’t be. Like the president, I’m evolving on the issue. But, again, I do want to make clear how important it is that it’s happening now, so that is a possibility to a young mind. You can pin hopes on that.”

In other words, marriage isn’t a top priority for him. However, he’s happy that more and more members of the LGBT community are getting the opportunity to get hitched.

If The Big Bang Theory star ever does decide to get married, he’ll be able to pay for one incredible wedding ceremony. According to OUT, Jim Parsons’ $1 million per episode paycheck makes him the highest paid openly gay actor on TV. No wonder he’s smiling so big in the photos above.

Who do you think will make it down the aisle first: Jim Parsons or his Big Bang Theory character?

[Image credit: TODAY]