WWE News: Recent Photo Of Vince McMahon Makes The WWE Chairman Look Very Sick

WWE is a company that has been around for over 50 years. Dating back to the territorial days when the company was known as the WWWF, Vince McMahon Jr. was working as a broadcaster for his father Vince McMahon Sr. Soon his father wanted to retire, and thus sold the business to his son. Vince then went on to make the WWF and soon WWE into a household name.

Vince is nearing the age of 70, so for him to look older is not shocking. He has shown his age very much so in the last few years, but never to the point of looking frail, or sickly. Many saw what happened with Bobby Heenan when he aged and got sick; the man, once big, went down to a small size. Fans also saw his face sink in due to battles with both throat and tongue cancer. Whenever someone gets older, people worry about them if they are beloved. At least Vince has that going for him.

While it CANNOT be confirmed Vince has cancer or anything close to it or is even sick at all, the internet freaked over a recent photo over the WWE Chairman and rumors began to swirl online. Once that starts, it gets out and more and more people believe the rumors. So unlike Heenan, there seems to be no indication of sickness.

Vinny Mac Soccer

In the picture above, Vince McMahon is standing with Bulgarian pro soccer player Dimitar Berbatov. He was so excited to meet the WWE’s head honcho that he posted this to his twitter account. From there, the wrestling world wondered, “Is Vince just getting older or is he somehow sick?” Could the picture just be a lighting problem?

As seen in our featured image that was printed for Forbes around WrestleMania season, this looks like two different guys. So it can be understood how some could think certain things.

Clearly if we were to lose Vince McMahon even to retirement, it would suck. He has been in our homes with the WWE for two decades consistently every week. Before that, the WWE was known across the cable landscape and around the world. WrestleMania helped change how wrestling was seen. Vince also revolutionized the Pay-Per-View industry. He is considered a marketing genius.

Obviously, Vince knows he cannot work as the WWE Chairman forever; there comes a time we all must hang it up. This is why he has given the helm slowly but surely to his daughter Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H. Triple H controls every aspect of Talent Relations, from hiring to firing. He is even working with the creative team on a weekly basis. Vince still makes every last call, but soon he may not do that. Soon it might be Stephanie who ends up giving the last word before it goes on air. We simply do not know when that is.

For now though, we know Vince is starting to look older. This is why months ago WWE officially retired the Vince McMahon character from TV. Vince will still be present at all WWE functions like normal, and he is also present at all TV tapings. Sadly, his WWE character is no longer going to be used regularly. Obviously, Vince may appear randomly, as he is a proven ratings draw. Regularly again though? That is a big negative.

As for any issue with his health, the WWE has not announced anything. Until they do, we must assume all is well. Most feel that it was just a bad day for the WWE Chairman when he took the picture, and that he is fine. It is obvious that he has lost weight in the last year and may not be the same guy who used to be known as “the genetic jackhammer,” but that does not mean any sort of health scare is on the horizon. We cannot always look our best, of course.

[IMG Credits: Forbes, Twitter]