New ‘Batman V Superman’ Set Video Of Car Chase, Affleck’s Double Spotted And More

New video emerged Friday from the Detroit, Michigan set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This new filming took place after Director Zack Snyder’s call to a local radio station to defend Aquaman, and shows the filming of a car chase through the fictional Metropolis’ streets as well as Ben Affleck’s stunt double. There are even reports that Jena Malone may may have been spotted on the set as well.

This is the second day of filming a car chase scene for Batman v Superman that includes Affleck’s Bruce Wayne chasing something, or being chased by something, that will likely be added via special effects. The filming ties into the recent set images and video set in front of a destroyed Wayne Financial building that showed Affleck wearing the same dark blue vest and light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Snyder can be seen pointing out how two stunt cars should roll through the streets followed by the stunt double and other crew before the action starts. You can also spot the same Metropolis city buses that were crushed by something in the earlier photos. It’s an interesting look at how movie sausage is made.

There are four videos originally spotted by Comic Book Movie.

Meanwhile, SuperHeroHype spotted an actress on set who previously appeared in the Zack Snyder film, Sucker Punch. Jena Malone (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Hunger Games: Mockingjay) was seen hanging out on the set and with Snyder. She’s not listed as a cast member for the film so it’s possible that she was just visiting the set based on her past working relationship with Snyder.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released to theaters on March 25, 2016 after being moved away from Captain America 3. It is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), Jeremy Irons (Alfred), Ray Fisher (Victor Stone / Cyborg), Holly Hunter, and Scoot McNairy.

What do you think of the images and videos from the set of Batman v Superman? Are they increasing your interest in the film or are you still waiting to get an official trailer before making a judgement? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

[Image via YouTube]